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Design of a new VTOL concept

Several patents

TR122 T-6 SURVOL SABLE 01.jpg

Ekranoplan development program

Numerous awards in France and internationally



I am very keen on this particularity that I have been developing for many years.

In fact, we should not confuse invention and innovation. Although I am an inventor (gold medal in the European Lépine competition – 14 patents…), I consider invention as a means to innovate and not an end in itself. We could thus say that innovation is an invention that meets its market. Innovation must therefore call on a set of validation processes, and sometimes several inventions, to meet an identified concrete challenge. This is why I have equipped myself with the means and skills necessary to manufacture prototypes, the final stage of validating a technical innovation. I wanted to be able to offer concrete solutions to my customers and enrich my innovative approach with the notion of feasibility, which too often comes second in the innovation processes of companies.

CCETI 2005001.png
CCETI 2006001.png
MASTERS 2006001.png

Design of SWATH hulls and wave piercers

virrage 01 retouché.jpg

World premiere: mass-produced autonomous solar ship - gold medal in the Lépine competition - many units produced - wave-piercing hulls

SSR16 01.jpg
LEPINE 01.jpg
AFBE 01.jpg
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