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Achieving a world premiere in nine months, and with a minimum budget, is impossible...

When Xavier, who leads the company Headland Helipads, contacted me through the company Diamond, he asked me if it was possible to produce a functional demonstrator of a retractable Helipad (a world premiere) before the Paris Air Show, just starting from a specification of needs (...)

MUSEE 001.jpg

Small or big, always the same passion.

Technology is a matter of passion. We can be passionate about designing large prototypes like a Helipad or a solar ship, but we can also find an interest in manufacturing, and sometimes designing, all the planes for a museum on a reduced scale. This will allow us to have an overview of the fascinating history of aeronautics, of these engineers who sometimes achieved the impossible. The extraordinary diversity of aircraft in service is often the result of complex and detailed approaches of use. (...)

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