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My background


It's probably in my DNA. The question that comes up with each new project is: “why have we always done it like this?” ". There may be good reasons and it's good to know them, but sometimes the context, technologies or uses require us to think about things differently, out of the box.



In big company, you have the means to innovate but little freedom to do so, and in small company, you have the freedom to innovate but little means to do so. In all cases, it is the entrepreneurial spirit that leads to new challenges, whether they are in the organization to be put in place to offer a window of freedom allowing creativity, or in research. cost-controlled solutions to ensure their feasibility and return on investment in short term.


There is perhaps an addictive aspect in new challenges. Developing and manufacturing a new electro-solar vessel in four months and being awwardness of electric boat of the year is the type of challenge that seemed crazy, and yet… SunWave was awwardness electric boat of the year in 2018. 

Of course, some challenges cannot stand up with a single person, and the creation of a united and motivated team, as well as a good network of efficient partners, are essential criteria for the success of some challenges.


Leadership capacity and exemplarity are levers for the success of collaborative projects. But the true leader is the one who will be able to lead his team until the objective is achieved, but also to return to his previous role and step aside when the challenge is achieved, thus leaving everyone their share of responsibility. the success.


The different projects that I have to mannage have taken me to various regions of the world. This allowed me to confront other cultures, other working methods, other visions of human relationships and global context. This is an additional asset when we seek to understand the uses in the context of the creation of a new product.

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